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Time Management

Top Three Time Management Strategies

One of the top things that causes headaches for entrepreneurs who’ve found the perfect business on is time management. It can feel impossible to know how to get yourself working smarter instead of harder and for longer hours, so here are the top three things you need to do:

Schedule Smarter

Entrepreneur magazine suggest that small business owners, “Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts, conversations and activities for a week. This will help you understand how much you can get done during the course of a day and where your precious moments are going.” Time Management is vital for a business success.

It’s the perfect way to start figuring out how you should schedule yourself, not based on ideals, but reality. Being realistic about your time management and what can reasonably get done is the first step towards scheduling yourself in smarter ways. Divide up your time based on priority and what’s happening at the moment. If you find yourself needing more clients, spend more time rest of the week on sales calls and marketing. If paperwork is piling up, but other aspects of the business are churning along well, schedule yourself to take care of the details. However, don’t set yourself up to be overwhelmed, that’s setting yourself up to fail.

Give Yourself a Break

Perhaps the most important aspect of building a smarter schedule is that you need to block off time with nothing in it. This might make some people who like to have every detail in order panic, but having some white space in your daily schedule is a good idea because it gives you a lot of breathing room. This way you’re prepared for any emergencies that might come up over the course of a day, and on the days that things are running smoothly, you’ll have a much needed and well-deserved break form the hectic pace of running your own business.

Beyond the daily breaks from constant scheduling its also a good idea to work in time for vacations and personal time. Most people decide to go into business for themselves in order to maintain a better balance between life and work—don’t be afraid to make this a priority when you are organizing your life.  Good time management is key.

Trust Your Employees

NFIB suggests that many small business owners find success by delegating tasks to their team members. As your own boss, you have the power to hire the people that are going to help you. Use this control to the best of your advantage by only bringing in people that you really trust, and then follow through. Let go of some of the controls to make sure that your schedule can function the way it needs to. If you’ve done your homework and hired people that really want to see you succeed, you won’t be disappointed.

Tips For Buying A Business

Buying a Business Tips

Going into business on your own can be quite rewarding. Owning your own business is not only associated with high rewards but also high risk. When you choose to go into business on your own, you have the option of either starting up a new business or buying an existing enterprise. Both options present different benefits and are associated with a variety of drawbacks as well; however, the main factor to keep in mind how to be your own boss. Running a new enterprise can be quite demanding, and you need to be dedicated to the cause or risk going bust. Below we will look at a few buying a business tips.

Financing buying a business

When seeking financing for a businesses for sale, you will find that lenders will be willing to finance the purchase of an ongoing concern as opposed to a start-up. Lenders will be willing to finance a tried and tested idea. It is also easier to evaluate the viability and financial success of an existing business based on its historical earnings than it is to estimate and make predictions for a start-up.

Established Brand

When launching a new concern based new business ideas, you will have to market it to attract customers. This is often the most challenging part of the start-up process; brand building is an important part of creating an appeal for your products and curving out an identity for the business. Buying an existing business provides the advantage of an already established brand and identity.

Trained Staff

When it comes to running a successful business, the employees are your most valuable asset. Launching a new business means you will have to train the staff on their duties as well. This is not necessary when buying a continuing business. This is one of the most important benefits of buying businesses for sale.

Now let’s look at the main drawbacks of buying an existing business:

Disgruntled Employees

When buying a continuing business, cases of disgruntled employees are usually quite common. Employees tend to be loyal to their owners because of working with them for long periods. The best advice when buying a business is to convert this loyalty from the previous owners and focus it on the business. This will keep them focused on their work and not ownership changes.


Even though existing businesses for sale will have an existing brand image, this can work to your disadvantage. Some businesses can have a negative image due to some historical operation issues and if the level of service provided to their customers, has been questionable. The burden of changing this image will now lie on the new owner. However this is a challenge that should be embraced as it can be regarded as an opportunity to promote the business and the positive changes that are afoot.

Make sure that you keep the above factors in mind when buying businesses for sale so as to have an idea of what to expect.

Home based businesses UK 2018

Selecting Home Based Businesses UK 2018

Lots of people nowadays are considering selecting a home business in 2018. With respect to the period of time that’s put in it as well as the company, the company may possibly generate a bit of extra cash, or it may bring in a bundle, and anywhere between. Not every home based business is correct for everybody, so you’ll have to select one which is appropriate for you.

The very first thing you’ll have to decide is everything you expect from a house business. Do you do you want to be producing enough revenue to reside on, or want a bit of extra cash to create your vehicle cost. Generally, work and the additional time you put in the company, the more income you may make. Choose how long you are able to put in the company. You then don’t wish to dismiss your regular work if you should be beginning your company privately. In addition you don’t wish to compromise a lot of time together with your family.

Choose who your visitors can be. You’ll have to know around possible about your prospective customers. Are they mostly women or men? What’s their knowledge degree? You have to choose who you wish to use, and who your target audience is. After you have recognized your target audience you need to understand what they require and what they desire. Whenever you know this, you are able to choose to look for a business design to assist them, and also how to complete their requirements.

You can offer both services or products to your visitors. Generally, a company selling an item will require effort and less time than selling something. That you don’t actually must have a product to market if you sell an item. Oftentimes, you generate a fee for every sale, and can promote somebody else’s item. If you’re able to build your personal merchandise, however, your revenue could be higher. If you choose which you have abilities that others require, you are able to offer your company to them. Bear in mind; this could get more of your energy than selling an item.

Once you selected your service or product, and have found your marketplace, promote it and you’ll have to put up a web site. Among the simplest methods to do that is through social networking. You can put up perhaps a report on Facebook or a full page on Facebook, and begin creating a following. You need to be sure you aren’t putting just one to your listing, but include people who match your target audience. Make sure to not spam your fans. Use social networking to get to connect to them, and also to understand them. Don’t just send information after message stating “Buy! Buy! Buy Allow them ask questions, and make sure to answer them nicely.

Starting a house business can be achieved in just a couple of hours or you are able to place in forty plus hours each week. Bear in mind, the more you put in your company, the more you’ll get free from it.

Retailers To Charge Customers for Single Use Plastic Bags

From 5 October 2015, retailers will charge customers 5p minimum for single use plastic carrier bags. Businesses that have over 250 employees are obliged to pass on the charge, those found not to comply with the legislation could face fines up to £5k. Many stores are choosing to donate revenue raised due to the carrier bag charge to charity.

Eastbourne Mum Recognised For Business Success

Award Nomination For Inspirational Business Woman

Sarah Asfour, founder of has been nominated for the Athena Award in the Natwest Every Woman Award Finals.

Sarah Asfour, 35 and a mum to two sons, truly is an inspirational business woman, setting up a business from scratch can be a challenge for any entrepreneur, add into the mix being a busy mum of two with a special needs child.

The hamper business has been run with dedication and passion, her great business idea was to build customised hampers, of which, can be ordered online has proved to be a great business idea. located in Eastbourne, East Sussex has grown in the past 9 years and now employs a workforce of 10 and has an impressive turnover in excess of £650,000.